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We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments about our Shelties and other dogs found on our website.  We're very interested in your suggestions and ideas to improve our site.  Let us know what information you'd like us to share and what you would find interesting and informative.  If you encountered any problems while visiting, please let us know. Your input is important to please share.         Thanks very much! - Sheltie Rescue of Utah


Message From: sheltiesrule411 January 15, 2012
Do you guys take Australian sheepdogs by any chance?????

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Message From: Maureen October 25, 2011
I fell in love with Tommy! I know that he is deaf and blind and that his name is perfect since I bet he is a pinball wizard. LOL! I am a reading specialist in Broward County Fl. and I would like to train Tommy as a reading service dog. There are just so many children that could benefit from his help. I also know that Tommy would benefit from all the attention he would receive. I had a tri sheltie for 12 years who passed away suddenly and I know that he would approve of Tommy. I am going to try and fundraise the money for his flight from Utah to Fl. He will have a community full of people who will welcome him with open hearts.

Message From: Linda Murphy July 12, 2011
I just wanted to let you know that I have adopted a sheltie from a local rescue here in Washington state, but have so much loved reading your website and have fallen in love with your dogs. God Bless you!!

Message From: Tamra, Sara, & Beverly June 20, 2011
I (Tamra - but really we) filled out the adoption forms & anxiously await your reply - let us know what other info you need. We love our 2 collie girls & would LOVE to add another one! Even afterwards, we would love to help &/or volunteer!!!

Message From: Kelley May 23, 2011
I have 7 shelties I just love them they are soo loving an looking to get one more to add to the herd lol they herd my ducks an cat's so funny to watch as one cat just lay's an waits till dog comes up an jumps in the air an then chase the dog they all sleep together cat's an dogs that's to me is a special dog that allows a cat to sleep with them .

Message From: T Hottes March 24, 2011
Was wondering if Tommy had been adopted yet? I would dearly love to have him live with us! He is such a beautiful and amazing dog!

Message From: marjorie phyfe March 23, 2011
I have a double merle collie. He looks almost exactly like Tommy, and what is really amazing is that their personalities and behaviors are SO much alike. I have named mine Spirit, and I truly believe that these dogs are here to teach us every day what is really important in life. Spirit is a constant joy to me and everyone else on this island. The family who takes Tommy will truly find their lives more joyful. On a more practical note I have found that I can on occasion leave Spirit alone most of the day. He seems to go to sleep , and then wakes up delighted to see me when I get back. Blessing to the family that becomes Tommy's forever home! Marjorie Phyfe Peaks Island, ME

Message From: Julie January 10, 2011
I just registered on your website and filled out the adotion and foster application. I have owned 2 of the very best little sheltie boys....Keyo and Laddie. I got Keyo in 1974 for a wedding present from my husband. One of the most precious gifts of my life. I had Keyo until he was 14 years old and then I lost him to heart disease. I then got Laddie in 1990 and we were blessed with him for 17 years. Laddie died of an anyerism and I was devastated. I am sure I am not through grieving yet but I am at least ready to own another sheltie. will you please give serious consideration to my applicaton for adoption because I have fallen deeply for several of the dogs you have posted available for adoption now. thanks John and Julie

Message From: Andrea August 31, 2010
We just lost our Sheltie that we got from the rescue. She was 12 and we sorely miss her; she was the best dog! We would love to adopt another one; we are looking.... Please help us find a new dog that needs a loving home.

Message From: Carolyn Sullivan August 12, 2010
Just wanted to let you know that we still have Izzy that we got from you in 2005 or somewhere about then. Her dear brother Max passed away due to some liver problems. I still miss him and that has been a few years. Izzy is so sweet and a barker to let us know when something or someone is out of place.

Message From: Teri July 24, 2010
I have owned 2 shelties over the yrs. One bought as a pup & the other rescued. Both were great. I wouldn't want any other breed after them.

Message From: Lori February 10, 2010
I am interested in shelties. I would like to adopt a sheltie at some point. Love the pictures on your site. I wish the shelties were closer to me, I'm in Reno, Nevada.

Message From: Kim July 9, 2009
Misty is doing wonderfully! She and Jerry Lee are getting along very well. If you are ever in the greater Portland, OR area please plan on visiting us. Also, if there is any data entry or database creation/maintenance that I can do for SRU please let me know.

Message From: Gloria GHG May 19, 2009
Thanks for helping shelties in need. We have adopted 3 here in Michigan and I only wish I could adopt more! Keep up the good work and I will donate when I can, Just sent in a donation for Alex in memory of my late Mother. Gloria

Message From: Jeff Clericuzio April 4, 2009
Sorry we have not been able to follow up sooner, Kassie (Shadow) is doing well and has taken over the bed, she is getting along with everyone and the kids love her. Can you fax me a copy of the Rabies Vaccination and Spayed Certificate, we are trying to register her and they need copies

Message From: donna janssen February 21, 2009
need help w/ physical problems for overweight Sheltie

Message From: john sowders January 27, 2009
I am shocked to see such care but maybe I have lived in STL Missoui too long

Message From: Marie January 4, 2009
We have a lovely and loving little she;ltie girl. We can hardly believe she is almost 7. Recently I had major surgery and was alid up for 2 monthe. she never left my side. when I needed help all I had to do was tell her to go get grandma, Cameron , or Ken and she was off running, barking and chasing the help in to me. She is the best dog we've ever had. We will always have shelties.

Message From: Dean Ericson December 3, 2008
Greetings from Idaho. Hi Jim and Bard.Wanted to let you know that Strawberry is doing great.Her weight is down to 35lbs. and has tons of energy.She loves to play outside. Please send me your e-mail so I can send you some pics. I've mis-placed it. Dean

Message From: Kathlynn knight November 27, 2008
Hello Jim and Barbara! Sassy has been with me 5 years now. Anastasia almost 2. Every so often I like to check back just to see what's changed or new. Barbara, Last time we spoke in person you expressed well founded concerns about my sheltie's weights. I'm happy to share with you that things have changed for the better. Sassy now weighs 20lbs and Anastasia's weight is 14.5. Love this new site! It's great to see your mission to rehabilitate and place shelties is still going strong!!

Message From: Sheltie Rescue Barbara November 26, 2008
Thanks for all your comments. have to call me and talk to me so we can discuss your situation and what you're hoping to find with us. 801-942-4762 Cheryl...I just noticed your difficulty with blog site...Jim will get with you on that one.

Message From: Christy November 25, 2008
I am happy that you strive to make sure that your dogs are placed in homes where it is a good fit for everyone involved. That is so important to make sure that the family is a hapy one. I am thinking though, that we might not be good enough for you!

Message From: (Private) August 30, 2008
Hi, Jim & Barb! All the way out east in Virginia, I love your sites. I started looking at your first site in April, I guess, 'cause I used to live in Provo, and 'cause looking at anyone's shelties was helpful while I was searching and waiting for one closer to home. I was able to bring home my girl Trudy from Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue on June 1st, and I'm lovin' having her with us!! I have two comments about your site. 1st: I've tried registering to be able to comment on your blog on the original site. I submitted my user name and email address, but never received a password. Tonight I tried again, told it I had forgotten my password, and got this error message: The e-mail could not be sent. Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function... Are you the host?? 2nd comment. I used to be a proofreader, and wanted to comment about the 2nd paragraph on the home page of the new website: The first line of that para. has the word "sight" when it should be "site." Love the site, love the pix and the stories!!! Cheryl

Message From: Ruth & Family August 27, 2008
Cody is settling in nicely. Has his own blankie and is already king of the house. Thanks WE LOVE HIM.