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Watch all the videos on these Shelties to get a better idea of who they are.

Zorro is a male, neutered Sheltie adult, 11 years of age, who is one of a group of six Shelties who were removed from a hoarding situation.  All the Shelties lived their lives in undersized crates except for brief outings in the yard to go potty.  As a result, they are unsocialized and terrified of everyone and everything. 

Zorro had to have 10 teeth extracted during his dental under anesthesia.  Shelties in particular require regular veterinary dental care.  Any sign of bad mouth odor should send you to your veterinarian for an exam and dental.

These Shelties have gotten comprehensive blood panels and urine analyses, exams and grooming. All are spayed and neutered now.  All have had dentals.  All were heartworm tested, microchipped, and vaccinated.  Staff have been working with them to help socialize them.  Some training has been introduced.

These Shelties are still unsocialized and very frightened, having not been exposed to people, cars, everyday noises, household items, and sounds. They do not know how to walk on a leash.  Being on a leash is scary for them.

Turning this around takes a lot of time well beyond a month or months.  It will be different for each Sheltie.  Some may remain as fearful as they are now, for the rest of their lives. 

They are afraid of you.  Afraid if you go to pet them. It's a great step forward that MOST of them will now take treats offered by hand.

These Shelties lived in undersized individual crates all their lives, except to go potty outside.  Because of the brief intervals to go potty, they are actually house trained.

They will probably have accidents while they transition to your home and your schedule.  They will be very scared in a new environment with new people.  You have to have a crate ready to welcome them home as well as other things.

They will also be on a new potty schedule that their bodies are not yet adjusted to. You may want to have more potty outings than usual. You may want to use washable or disposable potty pads (

NO CHILDREN.   These Shelties are not appropriate in a household with children.  They are so scared that they could easily knock a child down.  Any person or child who might leave a door or backyard gate open is a huge risk for these Shelties. They will bolt at the slightest opportunity.  Your job is to protect them and keep them safe. If they bolt and get loose they are very likely to be killed.  Recovering them will be extremely difficult no matter how long you've lived with them.

These are not Shelties you can go hiking or running with unless you train them to walk and run on leash and use a very secure leash system.

These Shelties need a Sheltie savvy, patient, and loving adopter WHO WILL TAKE EVERY PRECAUTION TO PREVENT THEM FROM BOLTING OUT OF THE HOUSE OR CAR for the entirety of their lives.  

Off leash is a risk you should never take with these dogs when outside of a home or yard.  These dogs could be picked on by other dogs in an enclosed park setting.

Despite being extremely scared of the world these Shelties have shown no inclination to bite people. 

1. You will need baby gates to gate off the front door and any other areas that might lead to a door that a Sheltie could bolt past you and onto the street. 

2. You will need an appropriately sized crate for Callie or any of these Shelties.  It should be large enough for them to stand up easily turns around, and comfortably eat meals. They should be able to roll a treat ball around their crate and get treats to fall out of it.  This is their safe place.  A great place for them to stay when you're away from home.  Also a great place to feed them when you introduce them to your home. These Shelties are so frightened that initially they may not eat at all.  They may not eat if you are nearby.  You'll want to provide a crate to help them have a safe place as you teach them to spend time out of the crate

3. You will need a canine restraint system for your vehicle so that your Sheltie will be seat belted into your car(s) and unable to bolt out the door when you open it.

4. Special leashes and collars, even double leashes and choke chains are needed to insure that your Sheltie doesn't back out of their collar and bolt away from you.  We will discuss this further with you.  HARNESSES DO NOT WORK TO PROTECT AND SECURE THESE SHELTIES. 

These Shelties are afraid of everything including any kitties you might own and may well be afraid of any dogs you have.

These Shelties have never been leash trained and have never gone on any walks.  This will take time.  They are getting some training at this time but they will need more support and training going forward.

Before you consider bringing any of these out into your backyard to go potty, you'll want to have a leash on them - possibly a long leash.  We let them drag a leash because once they're loose in you SECURELY FENCED backyard (or home for that matter) they will be running away from you, and very scared.  Having a leash attached will allow you to catch your new Sheltie baby and bring them back inside the house.  A LEASH BEING DRAGGED CANNOT BE A SLIP LEAD THAT COULD CHOKE THE DOG IF CAUGHT ON A PLANT OR FURNITURE.

Most of these Shelties may not eat their breakfast or dinner if you or anyone is in the room.  They may need to be all alone to eat.  Some will only eat overnight, in the dark.  They will grow out of this as they become more secure with you and your environment.  Another dog eating at meal times will be some motivation for them to eat.  They will be most comfortable eating in a crate.  You should start them out by feeding them in their crate and letting them spend time in their crate, with their door open.  Initially you might let them sleep in their crate while settling into your home. 

Some of these Shelties might even defecate, out of fear, when you pick them up. Use an old towel. They do grow out of this as they learn that they are safe with you.  In their past they weren't handled much at all and certainly weren't picked up.

These Shelties MUST have a fully and securely fenced backyard.

For questions please feel free to call 801-231-3031.  Please REGISTER and fill out an Application for Adoption at our website if you're interested in pursuing an adoption with us.  Adoption fees will range from $200.00 to $300.00.

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