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Bitsy and Colin needs a caretaker or foster! Won't you consider helping him/her get a new start?

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These 2 are a very bonded mother and son who are adorable together.

About Bitsy and Colin

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: D100019
  • Color: Bitsy is tri-color
  • Current Size: 15 Pounds
  • Potential Size: 15 Pounds
  • Current Age: 21 Years 10 Months (best estimate)
  • Location: 84093
  • Housetrained: Yes

Bitsy and Colin were picked up by a local rescue group when they were either being prepped for a dog auction in Missouri or being prepped to be euthanized.  They spent their lives breeding at a puppy mill and started off fairly suspicious of us and certainly not used to living in a home.  Bitsy is a teeny tiny tri-color Sheltie girl who is greying due to her senior age (just like people do).  My best guess is that she's probably about 10 years old.  Her activity level is much higher than you'd expect for a senior though.  She's a very active girl and loves to play with Colin.  I'm pretty sure, from watching them, that they're probably mother and son.  They are very bonded and are almost always together.  When not together you can see them trying to locate each other - which is generally enough for them to be reassured.  Colin is several years younger than Bitsy.  He is a mahogany sable and white Sheltie.  He has a very sweet personality.  He's a little less active than Bitsy who is somewhat hyper - but she's so sweet it's easy to overlook that about her.  Colin is probably a young senior around 7 years of age.  Together they are adorable and very entertaining.  Recently Bitsy has taken to jumping up on the couch when I'm there.  She does cuddle a bit but hasn't become confident enough to cuddle for any length of time, yet.  We want to place these two Sheltie-kids together because I think they could be very unhappy if they were separated from each other. Bitsy is a bit barky after she gets comfortable.  She barks when there's something she wants's not just barking to hear herself.  She'll bark if she needs to go potty, for example.  Since she's been here, I really haven't needed to use an alarm clock!

If you're interested in more information or possibly adopting Bitsy and Colin, please fill out our online Application for Adoption...all 3 parts.  You can also call Barbara at 801-942-4762.  The adoption fee for both Bitsy and Colin together is $200.00 and you won't regret a single penny of that.

PS The strange photo below is a photo of all the teeth that were removed from Bitsy's mouth when she went for a dental.  We knew she was in dire need of dental help but we never expected this many teeth to come out!

This is an update.  I can't believe that these two sweet rascals are still with us.  They are so darling and especially darling together.  They play with each other at least once a day and when they do, it's very vigorous play!  Bitsy loves to sleep on top of me on the couch.  Colin is quieter and more reserved but wants to love and bond so much.  These two are so entertaining and loving  you'll wonder how you could have lived any part of your life without them.


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Donate or Sponsor
Support is needed to save the dogs we love.
Your sponsorship of $5.00 or $10.00 a month helps your favorite dog more than you might think. Please consider making a small donation.
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Bitsy and Colin Bitsy and Colin Bitsy and Colin